Rear-Fed Wood Pellet Grills in Burlington

Chinwagn Inc. in Burlington is the exclusive seller of the Black Earth grill. Our design incorporates a centre rear-feed auger, increasing the grilling surface heat area and dispersing the temperature more evenly. This design also enhances the smoking feature of the chamber, feeding the heat and smoke to the outside double-insulated walls and to the centre. The results are maximized heat and energy, excellent smoke infusion flavour and reduced cooking times.

Convenient Digital Controls
The Black Earth unit is completely controlled by a digital controller on the left wall of the unit. All you have to do is set your prime and start with the temperature desired, then close the lid and walk away. The digital controller also includes a custom temperature probe that can be set to stop the cooking process once your meat meets its ideal core temperature. You'll be able to relax or take care of other errands without having to worry about your dinner being overcooked.

Other Great Features
Black Earth grills are also equipped with a number of bonus features, including:
  • Halogen lighting for use at night
  • A storage compartment for up to 100 lbs. of pellets
  • A full bed drain and ash trough
  • Heavy granite countertops
  • Double-wall exterior for reliable use in cold weather
  • An easy-roll castor system

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